Bringing a child to life, delivering a baby, giving birth, being born.

This seems so natural, so evident when we forget the medical services offered (imposed?) to pregnant women in the occidental world. I am expecting my first child, so I go and visit the ward. Is it possible that while I am on the verge of becoming a mother, someone tells me how to deliver my baby? How am I going to know what my baby needs if I am not even capable of letting him come into this life, smoothly, naturally, like he and my body know how to do? Is the danger that I am being warned of so certain? Haven’t I got the strength in me to overcome the pain? Isn’t it necessary to separate this pain from suffering?

I feel I am capable and if I feel this strength. When my body lets me know that my baby’s birth is imminent, I will bring him to life on my own, accompanying him on his journey, to his first day.

Préparation à l'accouchement physiologique : film FAUT PAS POUSSER !